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APRIL International is proud to announce that we can now offer continuous personal medical exclusions (CPME) on our MyHEALTH insurance plans for individuals and families, as well as on our MyHEALTH Business group health insurance plans in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

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Maintain your coverage when switching international health insurance plans with CPME

When applying for a MyHEALTH or MyHEALTH Business plan on a CPME basis, APRIL International can transfer your coverage from your existing international health insurance plan from approved providers to your new MyHEALTH insurance plan. This allows you to carry over all special underwriting terms from your previous international health plan, resulting in four major benefits for customers interested in changing plans.

No breaks in cover

Image removed.When applying for a MyHEALTH plan on a CPME basis, you can arrange for your plan to commence as soon as soon as your preceding plan ends. This means that you don’t have to worry about any breaks in coverage while you wait for your new international health insurance plan to take effect. You can rest at ease knowing that your new plan will be effective immediately and you will be fully covered the entire time. 

Continued cover of pre-existing conditions

Image removed.When looking for a new health insurance plan, one of the hardest parts is trying to balance coverage of your healthcare needs with the cost of the plan. Most of the time pre-existing conditions will either be excluded from coverage or covered with a loading that increases the premium, if you’re applying for a moratorium plan you might be able to receive coverage for some conditions if you’ve had no symptoms or treatment of the pre-existing condition for a few years.

However, this is what the central benefit of underwriting on a Continuous Personal Medical Exclusions basis tries to address. You can change to an international health insurance plan with CPME underwriting while still having coverage for every condition you had coverage for on your previous health plan: no new pre-existing conditions, no new exclusions.

No additional waiting periods

Image removed.When it comes to international health plans, some benefits such as maternity or dental benefits frequently come with a waiting period. When applying for a MyHEALTH plan with CPME you can carry over coverage for any fully or partially completed waiting period, so there’s no need to start all over again.

For instance, if you had completed a waiting period for dental benefits on your previous plan, you would then be eligible for coverage under CPME. Likewise, if you had partially completed your waiting period for maternity coverage, all you would have to do is complete the remaining waiting period listed in your original plan before being fully covered by the maternity benefits of your new MyHEALTH plan.

No extra loadings

Image removed.With continued coverage of your existing medical conditions and no new waiting periods, you can have peace of mind knowing that when you change to a MyHEALTH plan on a CPME underwriting basis you won’t have to worry about having additional loadings applied to your premium.

Apply for a MyHEALTH plan with CPME underwriting to maintain coverage of your pre-existing conditions when switching international health insurance plans

If you’re interested in finding a new international health insurance plan while maintaining the same coverage you have on your current plan, please contact us today about our CPME options for our MyHEALTH insurance products in Hong Kong and Singapore.

You can also visit our dedicated pages to find out more information about our products across our different regions: 


MyHEALTH (for individuals and families)

MyHEALTH Business (for companies)

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MyHEALTH (for individuals and families)

MyHEALTH Business (for companies)

YourHEALTH Benefits (tailored plans for large corporates)

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