Why take out travel insurance for your holiday or weekend away?

  • I’m going to Thailand with my wife and we have chosen this insurance to have a comprehensive coverage of up to €300,000 as medical and hospital fees are very high there.

  • I’m French and I wanted to take a trip with my friends to the US, Mexico and Canada for a month. We had completely forgotten to take out travel insurance! With this contract, we could sign up on arrival and be covered in case of accident anywhere in the world.

  • My father came from Congo to visit me in Paris for a week. While walking around the city, he had a heart attack. We called the assistance center who quickly took care of the hospital fees.

  • I’m a student in Chili and my student insurance cover for foreign countries had almost expired. As I wanted to stay a bit longer to visit the country for a few days, I took out this insurance just in case of emergency.

Travel insurance abroad: What kind of guarantees ?
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You want to be covered in case of a medical problem during your holiday, your weekend or your business trip or you forgot to buy insurance and your journey has already begun. Possibility to extend your medical expenses up to €300,000.


Assistance to persons in the event of illness or injury
    • Transport / Repatriation
    • Medical expenses abroad up to € 100,000 or € 300,000 per person depending on the selected guarantee.
    • Repatriation
Enforced early return
Travel assistance
    • Advance of a bail bond
    • Payment of lawyer’s fees
    • Of sea and mountain search and rescue
    • Shipment of medication
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Why choosing health travel insurance by APRIL?
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to get a visa for Russia, China or Cuba
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Up to
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€ 300 000
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in the case of subscription online
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In case of
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hospitalisation over 24 hours
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For residents
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in the world and available in all countries visited
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everywhere for people who are resident in the European Union.
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  • 20 May 2018

    La souscription a ce contrat d'assurance (Magellan) était simple à mettre en place via internet. les explications étaient claires et rapides !

  • 20 May 2018

    C’est le 2ème contrat que je souscris auprès de vous et je suis très satisfaite de la facilité de souscription, de l’accueil aimable et très professionnel de vos collaborateurs (en particulier *** ) et de leur disponibilité Merci à tous !

  • 16 May 2018


  • 14 May 2018

    Bien dans l'ensemble mis à part un bug pour le paiement en ligne par CB au moment de la souscription qui a un peu retardé la procédure mais sans impact important.

  • 13 May 2018

    Hôtesse compétente et disponible. Attestation d'assurance reçues très rapidement.

  • 13 May 2018

    Quel plaisir de faire face à tant de professionalisme et d'efficacité !! Accueil téléphonique au top (qq 1 en ligne en moins de 3 mns) . Info reçues claires et précises. Site clair et rapide.

  • 13 May 2018

    Un bon accueil et surtout un bon produit à un prix raisonnable maintenant on verra si tout est à nos attentes en espérant que nous n’en aurons pas besoin.

  • 6 May 2018

    Assez bonne reactivite des conseillers.

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Travel insurance allows to protect yourself in the event of expenses caused by a medical problem during your vacation: support of medical expenses, any costs of early return or repatriation, contact the help center (or assistance platform) to be guided and supported in the event of hardship during your stay.


*minimum price given as an indication and subject to conditions