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Why opt for international insurance during a round-the-world trip?

  • Because during our year travelling round the world, we knew we couldn’t depend on French Social Security if we had any health problems. When we got food poisoning, our international insurance reimbursed all our medical expenses.

  • Because during my road trip in the United States, I discovered that appendicitis doesn’t just happen to other people ... I could never have paid the €20,000 medical bill!

  • Because in the UK, my stay in hospital for several weeks following a cycling accident cost more than €190,000  ... It wouldn’t have taken long to reach the €12,000 limit from my bank card’s insurance!

International insurance for your round-the-world trip
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With MyTravel Cover, travel round the world with real peace of mind with cover in all the countries you visit (with the exception of excluded countries).


Choose your package:

Emergency package

For small budgets

Comfort package

Comprehensive cover

Cover conditions

Accidents and medical emergencies only

In all situations

Medical expenses

Up to €100,000 worldwide

(€250,000 in the USA)

Accidents and medical emergencies only 

 €750 annual upper limit for outpatient care

Up to €200,000 worldwide

(€500,000 in the USA)

Reimbursement conditions

Complete a medical form for each claim

Repatriation assistance
Personal liability -private capacity
Personal accident
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Pourquoi opter pour la formule COMFORT de MyTravel Cover ?
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Accroche du point fort
Couverture internationale
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Valable dans tous les pays visités
Accroche du point fort
Pas d'avance de frais
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en cas d'hospitalisation
Accroche du point fort
Remboursements à portée de clic
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avec l'appli Easy Claim
Accroche du point fort
Garanties valables
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même pendant un retour temporaire dans le pays de nationalité
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Frais de santé à 100%
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sans franchise !

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