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Southeast Asia is a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers and backpackers.

It’s easy to see why, as the Asian subregion is home to stunning beaches, verdant jungles, ancient history, mouth-watering cuisine, and some of the world’s friendliest and most welcoming people. But it’s important to take steps towards protecting your health before and during your trip.

Here are 6 handy tips on how to stay healthy during your Southeast Asian trip while enjoying everything the region has to offer.

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How to prepare before your trip


Travelling vaccinations and injections

It’s best to visit your local GP well in advance of your trip so you can plan for any vaccinations or injections you might need. Some GP surgeries may not offer the injections you require, so you might have to pay privately to get them done. That’s why it’s best to check in advance so you avoid any unnecessary stress before your trip.

Some of the common vaccinations needed before travelling around Southeast Asia include:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • Rabies
  • Typhoid

It’s also worth checking whether you need vaccinations for diphtheria, polio and tetanus. These are given to all children in the UK as a combined vaccination. However, if your last vaccination was more than 10 years ago, you may need another one before travelling.

Malaria prevention

Malaria is a serious blood disease spread by mosquitoes. But the good news is you can protect yourself by taking necessary medication.

Of course, you should get advice from your doctor or a travel clinic beforehand to see whether the country or area you intend

Travelling first aid kit

There’s no guarantee you’ll have access to sufficient first aid if something happens on your trip.

That’s why it’s a good idea to take a first aid kit with you containing the essentials, such as:

  • Plasters in a variety of different shapes and sizes
  • Alcohol-free cleansing wipes
  • Sticky tape
  • Painkillers such as paracetamol and aspirin
  • Bandages
  • Skin rash cream
  • Antihistamine tablets

How to stay healthy during your trip

Once you’ve made the necessary preparations, here are some tips for staying healthy during your trip.

Bottled water vs tap water

The humidity in Southeast Asia is enough to keep you sweating all day and all night, unless you’re staying in accommodation with decent air-conditioning.

That’s why it’s important to replace the sweat you lose by drinking plenty of water. Although make sure you only drink bottled or purified water and avoid water from the tap. Unpurified water is a common cause of traveller’s diarrhoea, which is the last thing you want to experience during your trip.

Combat dehydration and traveller’s diarrhoea

If you are unfortunate enough to contract a case of traveller’s diarrhoea or dehydration, you can treat it head on by making sure you stock up on self-medication before you leave.

Rehydration and diarrhoea relief tablets are essential for any traveller embarking on a trip to Southeast Asia. They provide effective relief and help to get you back to full fitness.

Apply insect repellent and cream

Southeast Asia’s tropical climate is a hotbed for insects, particularly mosquitoes.

You can protect yourself by applying regular doses of cream and insect repellent to exposed areas of your skin, particularly before you go to sleep.

It’s also worth booking accommodation that provides netting around the beds, offering you even more protection.

Take hand sanitiser wherever you go

Although your hotel may provide decent washing facilities, you won’t always have access to the basic things we tend to take for granted in the Western world – namely soap.

That’s why you should make sure you have a bottle of hand sanitiser on your person wherever you go. You don’t need to use it with water, and it dries within seconds while removing bacteria from your hands.

One more thing…

You’re prepared for your trip.

But there’s still one more thing you can do to ensure your health is fully protected.

Our Short-Term International Health Plan helps you enjoy your trip with the peace of mind you’re covered if you contract an illness or suffer an accident that requires medical assistance.

So why not benefit from extra peace of mind by getting a quick quote today?



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