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The Temporary Resident’s Certificate is an official document required for anyone who has a foreign national staying with them in France in a family or private capacity for less than 3 months.

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The purpose of the Temporary Resident’s Certificate is to provide proof of the purpose of the visit and accommodation arrangements for foreign nationals in France and to confirm that the host consents to having them stay at their home.

It is required by foreign nationals when they are applying for a visa (for those who are require a short stay visa) and at border controls.

The "Sarkozy" law which came into force on 1st January 2005 amended the criteria for issuing the certificate by tightening the conditions for hosting a foreign visitor in France.


This certificate must be requested by the person, whether French or foreign, wishing to host one or more foreign nationals for a period of less than three months in a family or private capacity.

The person who wishes to host one or more foreign nationals must apply in person at the town hall of their place of residence.
Once they have obtained the certificate, the host should send it to the foreign person who is planning to visit.

The certificate states:

- their identity and address, arrival and departure dates and the place the visitor will be staying, the identity of the guest, their nationality and passport number (a photocopy of their passport is helpful)
- the place and date of issue of the document proving the identity and nationality of the host, if they are French,
- the place, date of issue and period of validity of their residence permit, if the host is a foreign national,
- proof that the guest has purchased medical insurance cover for a minimum of € 30,000 to cover any medical, hospital and welfare costs that they might incur in France. The insurance must be purchased from an approved provider. The host can fulfill this obligation on the guest’s behalf,
- proof that the host will cover the guest’s living expenses if they are unable to do so.


The website provides information and guidance on administrative procedures.
It offers particularly useful information on the hosting of foreign visitors in France. You can also:
- download the Temporary Resident Certificate application form,
- download the circular of 23 November 2004 on Temporary Resident’s Certificates,
- get contact details for the relevant departments in your area.

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