Emergency telephone numbers

There is currently no public emergency service in Senegal. In an emergency, we recommend you contact the nearest hospital and/or your embassy or consulate in Senegal.


Compulsory vaccinations: yellow fever for all travellers coming from an infected area
Recommended vaccinations: polio, tetanus-diphtheria, chickenpox and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)

Health risks

Vaccination against Yellow Fever strongly recommended
Malaria prevention essential

Doctor consultation fees
from €31 for a general practitioner to €45 for a consultation with a specialist
Quality of public medical facilities
good for routine healthcare
Tap water
not safe to drink

Practical information

Major towns and cities
Pikine, Touba, Guediawaye, Thiès, Saint-Louis
Official languages
French, Wolof, Fulani, Serer
€7.97 billion
10,5 million
197.000 km²

CFA franc (XOF)
Check the exchange rate

Time zone
UTC (0)
Country code
+221 +area code +number of the person you are calling
International airport

Dakar (DKR)

Tourism & local way of life

Public holidays

January: Tabaski (Sheep Festival)
4 April: Independence Day
May: Saint-Louis Jazz Festival
October: Saint-Louis Regatta
Eid-al-Fitr: End of Ramadan

Desert in the north and tropical in the south.
Best time to visit
October to June
Best places to visit

Cape Skirring
Goree Island
Kiang West National Park
Lake Rebta
Lompoul Dunes
N'Gor Beaches
Niokolo Koba National Park
Nioro du Rip stone circles
Sedhiou Peninsula
St. Louis


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