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Home to a breath-taking skyline, a buzzing financial centre, mouth-watering cuisine, and a beautiful harbour; it’s no surprise that Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination.

Whether you’re visiting for a week or a weekend stopover, there’s plenty to do and see.

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Hong Kong’s skyline is renowned throughout the world, even giving New York a run for its money! In fact, the territory comes second to Moscow out of cities containing the most high-rise buildings.

You can take a ferry tour which will give you a fantastic view of the high density of skyscrapers nestled at the bottom of sharp peaks in front of a stunning harbour. Although be sure to go on a sunny day. Air pollution in Hong Kong is a serious issue, so on overcast days visibility can be hazy at best.

Victoria Peak

Standing at 552m tall, Victoria peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island.

Take the tram up to its peak – which is an experience in itself. As you climb, you pass dwellings which eventually merge into dense trees and jungle as you near the summit.

At the top you’ll find the Peak Tower. There you can enjoy a variety of entertainment, and dine in restaurants overlooking the city and the harbour.

The view from the top is outstanding, especially at night. You look down upon the bright buildings and skyscrapers that stretch out into the harbour, illuminating a truly beautiful view of the city.

Temple Street Night Market

Another must-do night-time activity is a visit to the bustling Temple Street night market. As you pass under the arches that lead onto the street, you’re immediately hit by a cacophony of noise and pungent smells.

As you walk down the street you can haggle with store owners over all kinds of trinkets, many of which offer goods from some of the world’s leading brands. However; don’t let the logos fool you. A lot of the merchandise is fake, but as long as you know this before you visit the market it makes the experience more fun!

Happy Valley Racetrack

If you’re spending a Wednesday evening in Hong Kong, head along to Happy Valley Racetrack.

With eight races taking place each week, you can choose to have a flutter on the horses or, if you’re not into gambling, socialise in the beer garden and lap up the atmosphere.

Ride the ‘Ding Ding’

You’ll know them as trams, yet the Hong Kong locals refer to them as Ding Dings due to the noise they make compared to blaring car horns you find in most big cities.

Riding the Ding Ding is a fun and inexpensive way to hop around the city and enjoy the sites.

Open city bus tour

If you’d prefer less of a do-it-yourself exploration of the city, there are plenty of tourist operators that offer open-top bus tours.

You’re given a headset where the narrator explains the history of the city and tells stories about the various landmarks as the bus drives you around.

Take a day trip to Macau

An hour’s ferry ride out of Hong Kong Island sits Macau, a former Portuguese enclave. You can still visit historic sites that attest to its Portuguese occupation such as Monte Fortress, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Sa Ma Lo.

In modern times the place has become renowned for its casino culture, boasting well-known franchises including The Venetian Macao and the MGM Macau.

Make sure you take your passport if you go on the trip as you’ll need it to pass in and out of the territories.

Visit Lantau Island and the Tian Tan Buddha

You may have seen images of the Tian Tan Buddha in travel programmes, postcards, or paintings. That’s because it’s one of Hong Kong’s most renowned attractions. Before you can see the Buddha, you climb 250 steps, but each one is worth it for the view you’re met with at the top.

Man Mo Temple

Take in some culture by visiting the quaint Man Mo Temple, a tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo).

The temple is a colourful place of worship, filled with red and gold incense coils and lanterns that hang from the ceiling. Amble around the temple’s interior, taking a moment to study the architecture and enjoy the silence.

Eat Dim Sum Cuisine

This Chinese tradition involves eating bite-sized portions of food whilst enjoying endless cups of tea.

Popular dim sum dishes include dumplings, rolls, buns, cakes, puddings and tarts.

How to make sure nothing spoils your trip

Hong Kong is ideal for a short visit, with plenty to do and see. However the last thing you want is a medical issue to crop up while you’re exploring the city.

That’s where you can benefit from our Short-Term International Health Plan. It enables you to enjoy your trip with the peace of mind you’re covered if you contract an illness or suffer an accident that requires medical assistance.

Get a quick online quote for the plan today.

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