Expat insurance: what is it for?

  • Because when our son came down with acute appendicitis in Chicago, it didn't take us long to find out how much it costs for treatment in the US... Without our expat insurance, we would have struggled to pay the €20,000 bill!

  • Because when I went to work in Canada for 2 years, I wanted an insurance plan from the 1st euro to give us good coverage of routine healthcare. What with the pediatrician, the dentist and the optician, being an expat family in Canada can be an expensive business!

  • Because in the UK, I realised that to get an urgent appointment with a specialist I had to go private. And it's expensive!

  • Because I was involved in a serious car accident in Mexico. I never thought that one day I'd need repatriation assistance!

  • Because in Brazil, the quality of the public health services can vary. We want easy access to private healthcare without it impacting too much on our budget.

  • Because during my secondment in Italy, I'll be covered by French Social Security. What I need is international top-up cover.

My expat insurance
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To benefit from expat insurance that's tailored to your needs, select the plan best suited to your requirements and/or situation:


  • The 1st euro plan (Ambassade) is what you need if you want your medical expenses covered from the first euro you spend.
  • The CFE top-up plan (get a quote for Rubelles +) is ideal if you want to keep French-style cover while you're abroad.
  • The Social Security top-up plan (get a quote for Rubelles +) is designed for you if your company sends you on a secondment.


You can also choose from 3 fully flexible levels of cover so you can live abroad for as long as you want!




Upper limit per year & per insured



€ 2,000,000

Hospitalisation + Routine healthcare & Maternity
Hospitalisation + Routine healthcare & Maternity + Optical - Dental
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Titre garanties en option

Additional optional benefits

Garanties optionnelles
Type ou nom de garantie
Repatriation assistance
Type ou nom de garantie
Personal liability - private capacity - and legal assistance
Type ou nom de garantie
Death & loss of autonomy lump sum

Payment to the designated beneficiary or beneficiaries of a lump sum of between €20,000 and €400,000 in the event of accidental death or disability caused by an accident

Type ou nom de garantie
Income protection

Payment of a daily benefit (of between €20 and €200) or a disability pension to compensate for loss of earnings in the event of illness or accident

Titre services associés

Reimbursement procedures

Services associés
Nom ou type de service
3 reimbursement options:
  • from the 1st euro
  • as a top-up to the Caisse des Français de l'Etranger (CFE)
  • as a top-up to French Social Security

Budget option: to reduce the premium, opt for reimbursements at 90% or 80% of actual costs


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Why choose our expat insurance plans?
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A la carte benefits
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Design the expat insurance plan that suits you
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Flexible cover
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from the 1st euro or as a top-up to the CFE
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Reimbursements in 48 hours
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just a click away with the Easy Claim app (with Ambassade)
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No cash advance
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if you are admitted to hospital
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Long-term cover
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for as long as you want
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Faster reimbursements
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from the shared management centre with the CFE (with Rubelles+)
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All the advice and information you need for living abroad!

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When you go abroad to live, you need to choose an insurance plan that will cover your medical expenses abroad (routine healthcare, vision care, dental treatment, maternity and hospitalisation) and which will take care of the cost if you need to be repatriated. This insurance plan can cover you from the first euro you spend or as a top-up to the CFE/French Social Security.