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MyHEALTH : the new health insurance for expatriates in Singapore
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One of the first steps in your new life as an expatriate is to take care of your international health coverage. The need for such insurance, now being in Singapore, has not more to prove. This would be the best way for you and your family to make your stay peaceful and safe avoiding exposing yourself to a major financial risk. Finding health insurance can be sometimes a real headache. Between the different forms of care, the affiliation or non affiliation to the CFE (Caisse des Français de l’étranger), there are multiple levels of cover and reimbursement, difficult to choose which insurance would be the most suitable for you.

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1. Singapore, number 1 in Asia

No less than 51 countries were screened in the annual ranking Bloomberg Most Efficient Health Care 2014. Asia came out as a winner, with Singapore on the top of the charts. However, health expenses are often high and Singapore is not excluded. A simple appendix can actually cost you up to 20,000 SGD for a single room in a private hospital for two days hospitalization.

2. The essential guarantees

a. The medical expenses coverage

Whether you come to Singapore for a few months internship, temporary mission, or a long-term life changing challenge, it is always THE basic guarantee to each insured expatriate in Singapore! Thus you can choose to cover all or part of your health expenses in Singapore and in your country of origin (hospitalization, routine healthcare, maternity, dental and optical) for the preferred period (15 days to 12 months).

b. The assistance benefits

If the medical repatriation is the best known coverage, the assistance could include other useful benefits abroad: translation of documents, cash advance in case of loss or theft of identity papers or luggage...

3. April, facilitator for your health

a. A local office in Singapore

APRIL International is situated in Robertson Quay in the heart of Singapore and is open to answer your questions/requests throughout the whole week.

b. A team that is available and ready to listen

When in need, available advisers can come to your place or meet up with you for a cup of coffee to discuss your situation and your needs... You can count on them when you need help before but also during the entire validity of your contract.

c. A local medical network

Benefit from a medical network comprised of local doctors and skip any advance fees! Make the administrative procedures much easier.

d. Accelerated reimbursements process

You don't want to use our medical network because you already have your own doctor? You can then complete the simplified claim form (one page only) and submit it at our office or send it to us by email. As you no longer have to send your mail in France, your deadline reimbursements are reduced.

Choose the cover that suits you the most. Do not hesitate to ask our advisors to assist in your health insurance research and help you to determine the best solution for your situation. MyHEALTH will provide you with the health cover you need.

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