Why is international health insurance essential when travelling for an extended period overseas?

  • When sent overseas for a work secondment, it's key to ensure I have access to to the best private care locally and not have to return home and Jepodise work requirements.

  • When planning gap year travels around the world, appendicitis was not something I was prepared for. An appendicectomy and first class private care allowed the adventure to continue without flying home.

    Approximate costs: £13,500/$17,550/€14,850

  • When travelling overseas for 4 months, a short-term international health plan ticked all the boxes with portability from one country to the next.

  • Kidney stones are not expected when sent on a 3 month secondment to Asia. Luckily the costs were covered in full

    Approximate costs: £12,000/$15,600/€13,200

Professionals on international short-term work assignments? Taking a gap year to travel the world?
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Our comprehensive international short-term health insurance solutions provide peace of mind for you when on a trip overseas.

Overall maximum aggregate limit

£250,000 $500,000 €375,000

Inpatient Treatment
  • Full Refund

    Hospital Services

    • Accommodation and meal charges
    • All inpatient treatment
    • Physician fees
    • Surgeon and Anaesthetist fees
    • Intensive Care Unit charges

    Accident & Emergency Room Treatment

    Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment (max 15 days)

    Treatment in a hospital psychiatric unit

    DayCare Treatment

    Where a period of recovery is required in a hospital bed

    Internal Prostheses, Medical Aids & Devices

    Which are required intra-operatively

Outpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Services

    Up to £5,000/$10,000/€7,500
    £50/$100/€75 excess per claim*

    • GP, Specialist and Consultant fees
    • Prescription drugs and dressings
    • X-rays, diagnostic and pathology tests, including MRI, CT and PET scans
    • Physiotherapy

    Complementary Therapies

    Up to £5,000/$10,000/€7,500
    £50/$100/€75 excess per claim*

    Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Homeopathy, Acupuncture

    External Prostheses, Medical Aids & Device


    Which are medically required following inpatient treatment, daycare treatment, or accident and emergency room treatment

Dental Treatment
  • Dental Treatment Following An Accident 


    To restore or repair sound natural teeth

    Emergency Dental Treatment


    For the immediate relief of dental pain

Home Country Cover
  • Treatment of emergency medical conditions or acute episodes of existing covered medical conditions whilst on a temporary visit to the home country

    Up to benefit limits shown above
    (Max 30 days)

Medical Evacuation and Repriation
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

    Full Refund

    Evacuation costs for acute medical conditions where local medical facilities are inadequate

    Emergency Medical Evacuation – Supplementary Expenses

    Single Economy Air Ticket
    Up to 12 nights hotel accommodation

    • Costs of travel to return to your home country or country of residence
    • Hotel accommodation costs for companion if not returned to home country

    Emergency Medical Reunion

    Single Economy Air Ticket
    Up to 12 nights hotel accommodation

    Costs of travel and hotel accommodation of a close family member if you are in a hospital for 5 consecutive days

    Compassionate Home Travel

    Return economy air ticket

    Costs of travel to the home country in the event of the death of a close family member

    Repatriation/Local Burial

    £10,000/$20,000/ €15,000

    Where death occurs outside the home country

    Local Road Ambulance Services

    Full Refund

Non Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Non-Medical Evacuation

    Full Refund

    • Evacuation to a safe location in the event of life-threatening situations resulting from political or civil unrest
    • Evacuation to a safe location in the event of a natural disaster
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Titre garanties en option

Optional Add-Ons (additional premium required)

Garanties optionnelles
Type ou nom de garantie
Out of Area Extension - Max 30 days


This benefit will provide cover for acute episodes of existing medical conditions only whilst outside your home country.

Type ou nom de garantie
Pre-existing Condition Cover


f you purchase a plan of more than 3 months duration and you are aged under 50 years, you will be eligible to purchase the Pre-existing Condition Cover benefit. This benefit does not cover the maintenance, regular tests, and check-ups of existing medical conditions.

Titre services associés

Three additional features are included as part of our insurance solutions free of charge

Services associés
Nom ou type de service
See the 3 additional features :
  • Red24 : Worldwide security assistance
  • Best Doctors : Access to a leading second medical opinion service
  • Blood Care Foundation : Subscription to the foundation to ensure screened blood is readily available in the event of an emergency
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Why choose the Short-Term International Health Plan?
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Cover available
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from a minimum of a 1 month period up to a maximum of 12 months
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6 month policy extension
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allowing a total policy duration of 18 months
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Worlds leading hospitals
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no need to return home for treatment
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Medical assistance
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24-hour & multi-lingual
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claims settlements within 5 working days
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Pre-existing conditions cover
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available for acute episodes

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