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Alexander is a business analyst who has left Paris: his employer sends him to a professional mission to Boston. To store his personal things during his year abroad, he quickly came up with an excellent idea: mobile storage! Discover his story. 

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How long do you intend to stay abroad?

My company is sending me to the United States for a one-year mission. But it is very possible for my contract to be extended.

Do you have many things to store during your stay?

It has been 10 years now that I live and work in Paris and since then I have collected a lot of things in my apartment: clothes, furniture and other accessories.

Why did you choose Wesquare as a way to store your affairs?

When I was told I had to move from here about a month ago, I got into researching on internet to find a proper space so I can store my things during my stay abroad. It is no doubt that I am attached to all of my things and it was so out of the question for me to think on separating myself from them or selling them. I came across conventional storage sites. The options were not acceptable at all since I have no means of transportation in Paris to bring my stuff to those storage spaces. And especially with my work, I am always in lack of time.

I came across Wesquare and I found the turnkey solution I was looking for. I could simulate the price of my storage on their website in less than 20. I was immediately contacted by a person from Wesquare in order to make an appointment and discuss my request. 48 hours later Wesquare teams came to my apartment to bring the storage BOXes: BlueBox and PenderiBox. And 24 hours later they returned and took my stuff! That was so great! Moreover, thanks to the online inventory I can easily remember what I have stored in there.

You managed to store your affairs without moving from your home. How is that possible?

Wesquare provided me with a turnkey mobile storage service. They care about bringing the BOXes to my place so I can put my stuff in. After they return to recover the BOXes and my big objects (I left my skis and my HDTV)! Nothing to worry about: I don`t have to take care of it or to call up my friends to help me move (let's be honest, the friends are sick and tired of other friends` removals on Saturday morning!).

How do you plan to recover your affairs when you come back to France?

Once again, I would say, I can count on the turnkey service. That's the whole point of Wesquare: they do everything for me. If I decide to recover all of my things or just a part of it I only have to take a look on my online inventory and choose what I want back. I just set a one hour appointment and Wesquare delivers my things within 24 hours!

More info on Wesquare:

Making appointment on their website and on their Facebook page.

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